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5 Ways To Make Your Family Holiday An Epic Success


Travelling with the family for that much awaited holiday can be loads of fun but it can also bring on a ton of stress. This year you can make your family holiday an epic success that will long be remembered by everyone with just a bit of extra planning. Here are five ways you can make that happen.

1. Pack Essentials First
Many mums go to extremes when packing for the family. One really great tip offered by Charles Ford London, luxury luggage retailer, is to make a list first as to what is essential for each person on the trip. You probably have planned what you’ll do on holiday, so keep those excursions in mind when packing. If there is still room in the luggage then a few extras can be added, but if not, at least you’ll have the bare essentials. Little things can be purchased on the other end!

2. Carry Entertainment for Kids
Whether flying or driving, the one thing you will absolutely want to do is keep the kids entertained. There is nothing more frustrating than little ones piping up every few minutes with “Are we there yet?” From portable DVD players to electronic handheld games, there is something you can carry along to keep them busy until you arrive. In fact, for those moments on holiday that you simply want to relax with your feet up, these are essentials to keep the kids out of your hair!

3. Choose Day Trips for the Entire Clan
Always plan your day trips on holiday carefully. Make sure that you plan something for every member of the family. Some may want a day at the beach whilst others may really want to explore historic sites. Perhaps mum wants an evening at the opera whilst dad simply wants a day on the golf course. If each member of the family has at least one outing planned to their tastes, this will surely be a holiday long to be remembered.

4. Try Something New Each Stop of the Way
Why not plan to do things that are totally new and unique? Sometimes it’s hard to remember the things we do often but those thrilling moments when we see, taste or simply do something new will be something to bring home to talk about. From flying kites at midnight to visiting a haunted house, there is something you can do that the family will always remember as being something out of the norm.

5. Document Your Holiday with Plenty of Digital Pics
Finally, don’t forget to bring along an extra memory card or two for those iPhones and digital cams. Document your holiday with plenty of photos so that you can build a memory book to be brought out and viewed throughout the year. Whether you build a slide show for that monitor in the living room or simply have the photos printed in hard copy, these will bring back fond memories in between holidays and even long after the kids have flown the nest.

The surest way to make this family holiday an epic success is to plan with everyone in mind. Do something new and unusual and also something that each family member wants to do or see. Carry only the essentials to make travelling easy, leaving you time and energy to enjoy the trip. Just a little extra effort in advance makes for the holiday of a lifetime, so plan early and enjoy!