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Cheap Family Vacation Destinations for Students


When you’re a college student with a family to support, everyone will probably need a break when you finish for the semester. Although lots of students enjoy dashing off to exotic vacation destinations at a moment’s notice, mature students with family responsibilities have to plan things out. If you are a masters in business administration online student who wants to take your family on an inexpensive vacation, here are a few good places to look into. You will have the opportunity to spend quality time with your loved ones in a fabulous location, without having to break out your piggy bank.

Rehoboth Beach

This vacation destination is popular with residents of the Tri-State area as it is close enough to drive to. In Rehoboth Beach, visitors can stay in quaint beach house rentals that line the shore, or they can opt for the luxury hotels that sit on the main strip. If you’re a fan of shopping, you have to visit the outlet malls that are littered throughout Rehoboth Beach. Students can get steep discounts on tickets for local concerts and live entertainment as Rehoboth Beach really comes to life after dark. This is a vacation destination that is safe and will make your entire family feel welcome.

Yellowstone National Park

If you can manage to get to Yellowstone National Park, it won’t cost you much to enjoy the scenery. After a nominal entry fee is paid, you and your family will be free to explore this expansive national park. Bring your RV and tents if you want to enjoy your surroundings, sleep under the stars and save even more money on accommodations. AACSB online MBA students might find it difficult to get internet access here, but your cell phone signal should work just fine. For families that are fans of rugged terrain, natural wildlife and serene settings, Yellowstone National Park is a great vacation destination.

Kyoto, Japan

Most students might think that a vacation in Japan would be very expensive. In Tokyo, the cost of living is astoundingly high, as space is severely limited. In Kyoto, however, residents live at a slightly slower pace and hotel options for visitors are much more reasonable. Full of historic culture and mystique, Kyoto, Japan, has many different activities that tourists can partake in that aren’t expensive at all. Try on a kimono and keep it for the day for a low price, or rent bikes so that you and your family can travel the entire city.

Cancun, Mexico

Known for cheap alcohol and spring break, Cancun, Mexico, is popular with college students of all ages. Airfare to Mexico is low if you book your ticket during the right time of year, and with just a small amount of cash in your pocket you can live in Cancun like a king. The beaches are beautiful and the food is good enough to write home about. If you want to go on a family vacation while you’re attending college, Cancun, Mexico, should be right at the top of your list of locations to visit.

College can be stressful, so taking a vacation with your family might be what you need to do to forget about your troubles.