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Olympos to Fethiye Blue Cruise

Dive into pleasure with olympos to fethiye blue cruise along the Turquoise Coast of Turkey

Explore the Mediterranean coast and discover history mixed with modern delights on a cruise from Olympos to Fethiye in southwestern Turkey


Celebrate Nature in Olympos

Before embarking on a blue cruise around Olympos and Fethiye with Alaturka Cruises, take time to enjoy the scenery in Olympos.

Once an ancient city inhabited by Lycian people around the 4th century CE, Olympos has become one of the most visited areas in Antalya province. If you enjoy trekking through pine forests, splashing in the warm sea or walking among ancient ruins then you will not be disappointed while discovering the magic of Olympos.

The Olympos teleferik provides a serene trip up the mountain that was the mythological home of Greek gods and goddesses. Each cable car has a capacity for 80 people to enjoy the 360 scenic views of the Mediterranean shore, rocky cliffs and dense forests from Side to Finike. Take a lunch break or shop for gifts at the Mountain Station before heading back down the mountain.

There is a 5 Turkish lira entrance for the beach, which supports maintenance and protection for the many historical structures in the area. Brick arches that were once part of a bathhouse sit along the river, slowly flowing into the sea, and make for excellent photo opportunities. After crossing a small footbridge over the ice cold waterfall take a left into the bay and fig trees to find ancient sarcophagi and the remnants of stone structures being overgrown by nature. Be sure to wear sensible shoes as the path can be rocky!


For over 2,500 years, small fires have been burning in the rocks at Yanartas in the Mt. Olympos valley. There is a small café and souvenir shop at the entrance where you can buy any sustenance needed for when you reach the site. The hike up the slightly treacherous path takes about 45 minutes, but is well worth it. Yanartas is about a 15-minute drive by car from Olympos.

It is not very often adults get to sleep in tree houses, however Olympos provides the chance to really convene with nature. There are many pensions to choose from along the main road leading to the beach and others a short drive from the main drag.

Olympos Villas provide a comfortable atmosphere for families and groups that prefer to spend time away from the crowds near the beach. The self-catering apartments are surrounded by gardens and have a swimming pool for those that wish to recline and read a book or bask in the sun.

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For a true feel of nature, roaming chickens included, Koyevi Olympos Countryhouse supplies simple clean rooms, home made meals and a swimming pool.

Closer to the beach and frequented by backpackers from around the world, Turkmen Tree Houses is the place to stay for those wanting bungalows surrounded by citrus trees. Buffet breakfast and traditional Turkish home cooked dinner is included to keep travelers content.

Sailing along the Mediterranean

After departing Olympos, Alaturka blue cruises stop in treasured ports along the coastline.

Diving in Kas offers spectacular underwater views of local marine life and historical shipwrecks. Many boutique shops sell local hand crafts and traditional trinkets.

The partially sunken city of Kekova is a splendid mix of ancient and medieval ruins co-existing with modern village life. Hike up to Simena castle built by the Knights of Rhodes during the 4th century CE.

It is said that one of the most sublime sunsets can be seen from the top of St. Nicholas Island. Enjoy a cold beer on the hilltop after a day of swimming in the deep blue sea below.

Find Serenity in Fethiye


The final stop on the Olympos to Fethiye blue cruise will round out your turquoise coast journey.

A short hike into Butterfly Valley makes the sights and sounds of the crowds disappear. Home to over 105 different species of butterflies, the valley is a popular destination for eco tourists and nature lovers. Construction is not allowed in this nature preserve making this a haven for campers.

Oludeniz is one of the most photographed seashores in the world. Aquamarine waters gently roll onto the sandy beaches, which attracts thousands of international sun worshippers every year. Pull up a lounge chair and absorb the surrounding environment at one of the many beaches though Belcekiz and Sea Horse beaches are quite popular. Carreta carreta, or loggerhead sea turtles, breed in these seas every season.

The Tuesday market in the city center draws locals and tourists alike. Stalls full of locally sourced figs, oranges, pomegranates, and aubergine sit alongside Turkish crafts and imported clothing.

Fresh seafood is a true jewel from this region in Turkey. Go shopping for marine delights then have a nearby restaurant prepare your selection with experience. The friendly staff at Oztoklu Restaurant will assist you at the fishmongers if needed.

One of the most frequented establishments in Fethiye, Mozaik Bahce, is a modestly decorated restaurant that serves quality and satisfying traditional Turkish cuisine.

If you want to travel along the Mediterranean coast in style then join Olympos blue cruises with Alaturka. The grand experience of visiting the southwestern coast of Turkey will be with you from departure to arrival.


Written by Amy Hume for Alaturka Cruises