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Popular Sailing Tours on the Turquoise Coast

For most people the first priority for their summer holiday is sunshine. Those living in the UK or other parts of Northern Europe can never guarantee to get it at home for any sustained period. That is not the case on the Turquoise Coast of Turkey where there is hardly a cloud in the sky for many weeks of summer and temperatures after the sun sets remain high enough that men are certain to wear shorts on anything other than formal occasions.


An increasing number of holiday makers are understanding the delights of Sail Turkey Tours which allow them to visit a number of different places without worrying about driving or taking organised coach tours. They can lie back and relax as their gulet or yacht moves through the water; a stunning environment.

There are direct flights into Dalaman from every region of the UK and many other countries as well. Whether you choose Fethiye or Marmaris to pick up your cruise if you have taken a morning flight from home you can be aboard the same day. Captains will be prepared for your arrival, having stocked up with the lovely fresh produce this fertile part of Turkey can provide. Don’t worry, the fridge will also have cold beer and wine as well as plenty of water and soft drinks.

All such cruises are full board though at some point you may like an evening ashore at a local restaurant in one of the towns or villages where you drop anchor

The Tour to Choose

If you are undecided on where you want to go it is always useful to look at the reviews for some ideas.

When you have your own charter there is a level of flexibility within reason. You will have a departure time and a day and time when the charter will end. You also need to decide the general route that you wish to take. The beauty of having independence is that there is then no real set time for anything else. Your captain and crew will need to pick up fresh provisions but there will be no set appointments for anything much else. If you want to stop and swim then you will be able to do it.

There is an extensive coastline to pick from. In the far east of this region just this side of the City of Antalya in the Province of the same name there is plenty of history to see in the wonderful natural environment that prevails today. There are ruins from the time of the Lycians at places like Myra, the eventual home of St. Nicholas who is still celebrated today. You may want to visit the sunken city on Kekova Island or Olympus. The Chimera, flames burning in the rocks with no apparent heat source is particularly stunning at nightfall. It is close by.

At the opposite end in the west there are some of the well=known Greek Islands, Rhodes which is offshore from Marmaris, Symi near Datca and Kos which is due west of Bodrum on the Turkish mainland.

It would be wrong to ignore any of the coastline in between. You are certain to enjoy whichever tour you select and there is always next year to come back for more. By the time you have finished your charter you will certainly have a suntan because the breeze will have caught you as well. Whether you now have some time on the mainland or are returning back home you are certain to have great memories of your time at sea.