Travel Tips

How to Start a Travel Vlog

One of the best ways to share your travels is to capture it on video. You can capture the adventure through film, and, maybe, you’ve thought about starting your own video blog, or vlog.

Vlogging is a relatively new format for sharing your adventures abroad, and anyone can do it! If you’re really talented and dedicated (and lucky), you might even be able to make a living from your vlogs. So how do you get starting on vlogging your adventures? Follow these simple steps:

Set up Your YouTube Channel

You can’t vlog without a platform. YouTube has become the epicentre for vloggers, and a community of both creators and viewers. Set it up and fill out everything you can when you do so. You’ll want to use a YouTube channel art creator to really kick-start things.

Figure Out What Your Niche Is

The best way to gain an audience is by offering something unique. If you are going to try to do what many others have done before, you’re going to have a hard time trying to win over viewers to your own channel. By having a niche that very few people have dabbled in, you’ll have a clearer voice and be worthy of a subscriber.

Learn How to Professionally Capture and Edit Your Footage

The best way to stand out is to be good at what you do. Learn the ins and outs of shooting and editing video, so your vlogs shine above the rest.

Have a Point for Each Video

Each video you post should be able to tell its own story. Don’t post random clips of a place with some music slapped on top. That isn’t telling a story. That isn’t engaging with anyone. Have a point for your video. The footage should just be a bonus next to the story you are telling with it.

Don’t Feel Awkward When Filming

People will subscribe to you when they like you. They subscribe to your personality and your voice. Don’t shy away from the camera, and don’t feel awkward when filming yourself in public, even if you are by yourself. The professional vloggers have moved past how awkward filming can be and have made some truly wonderful videos as a result. You can too.

Have Fun

There’s no point in beginning a vlog if you don’t enjoy doing it. Vlogging takes a lot of work, from planning videos, to filming and editing. Then, once you have a video and you’ve uploaded it, you need to market yourself and your vlog. You need to network, build and engage with a community, and constantly strive to grow. If you don’t enjoy the process, this is going to feel like a very stressful, unrewarding job.

You can vlog for fun. You can vlog with the goal of making money. You can do it for fame, or to show your friends and family what you are doing. Whatever reason you create your travel videos, make sure that they work for you, and that you are having a great time making them.