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Top Tips for Juggling a Nursing Degree with Travel

Many people end up deferring study for a year, or put their studies on hold, so they can travel the world. However, in reality, you can both travel and study at the same time. But with a little hard work and organization, achieving a good grade in your nursing degree whilst travelling, is absolutely possible. Now that online study is widely available, make sure you have secured which online nursing degree you wish to take, before jetting off to your preferred destination. Studying whilst abroad will give you a new view on life, and will help you develop a new self discipline, which is one of the top characteristics of a nurse, that you’ll be able to carry through to your future job.

Study Online

In order to be able to study whilst traveling, you will almost definitely have to pursue an online degree. Without it, you will have to take time off studying to travel. So before you even purchase your plane ticket, decide what nursing program you’d like to study. Think about what specific careers in nursing you would like to follow, whether its geriatric nursing, rehabilitation nursing or general nursing; the course you take will determine what path you’ll be able to follow. If you are already a registered nurse looking to advance your career, there are online RN to BSN programs available.

Volunteer Placements Abroad

Almost all nursing degrees, require a certain amount of hours work of placement at a hospital, in order to pass your degree. When travelling and not having one set location it can be difficult to find, however, medical and healthcare volunteers are needed all over the world to provide vital services to rural and underserved communities. Nursing abroad can be extremely different to what you would experience back home, as many facilities can be under-resourced and will lack modern equipment. Students will learn from an experienced member of staff, who will also supervise your progress throughout the placement.

Essential Tech

When studying abroad, you must ensure that you have the correct technology, without it it’ll become very difficult to submit required assignments. You’ll want to have either a laptop or tablet, in order to write all the essays for your nursing program, however, you don’t want to be carrying anything too bulky. Unless you’ll be hoping from café to café for internet, you’ll want to make sure that you have a form of portable WiFi, such as a MiFi or USB dongle.

Plan Ahead

Plan your itinerary around the requirements of your nursing program. Plan this ahead of time, so you’re not just stuck writing essays but you’re actually able to go out and explore the destination you’re visiting. For example, when you have a major assessment coming up make sure you’ll be visiting a relaxing destination to ensure you’re not distracted. When you have less work due, you can plan action packed weeks at a more exciting location.

Time Zone Differences

Time zones when travelling whilst studying can present their own issues. As submission times may fall at a convenient time back home, but can fall in the middle of the night when travelling. However, you can easily overcome the difference in time zones, make sure you check the time difference and set reminders a couple of hours before the due time.

A nursing degree requires a heavier practical and theory based program, however, do not view it as an obstacle you must overcome, if you plan ahead of time it will become must easier and travelling from place to place will feel a lot easier.