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Top Tips for Traveling with Young Children

Traveling is a great way to see the world and relax. If you are working full-time, or studying an online masters in computer science, while raising a family, you certainly deserve a break. But you’ll already know how hard it can be to juggle everything. Holidays with young children can still be relaxing, and incredibly good fun, but often people are put off. They worry about traveling with children, that it will be difficult and stressful, but it need not be. Hopefully these tips should help.

Snacks and Drinks

Pack snacks and drinks in your hand luggage, and make sure they are easy to access. Things like lollypops are great for take-off to help reduce any ear pain. Don’t take anything smelly, or hard to eat, but try and get a few of their favorites. Check with your airline before travel for any up to date rules on packing food and drinks.


Children get bored ridiculously easily. So, while the excitement of flying might get them through take off, its sure to wear off soon afterwards. Take some of their favorite activities, and things that keep them occupied for a long time. Try to avoid things with small parts which could easily get dropped. Books, coloring books and portable DVD players or tablets with headphones are great options.

Get Help

The airline staff are your friends. Generally, those that work on planes are unbelievably friendly, and used to dealing with much worse than a bored or nervous child. If you need anything, ask. Another option when it comes to help is of course, taking the grandparents!


While you might not be able to practice air travel at home, you can practice using transport. Leave the car at home for some journeys and take the bus or train. Make an adventure out of it. It’s never going to be the same, but it will give them a tiny glimpse, and get the kids ready for a bigger adventure.

Pack Sensibly

Remember, you somehow need to get everything to the airport, boarded, and then off the other side. If you haven’t already, get a lightweight stroller. Most airlines let you keep this with you right up until boarding. A backpack for land luggage is probably the easiest option, and make sure your suitcase is easy to pull. Generally, when we travel with children we pack everything; this normally isn’t necessary. Check the local information for your destination, but you can probably buy most things you are likely to need. So, don’t pack excessively.

Don’t Forget the Airport

You’ll be prepared for the flight, and the holiday itself, but don’t forget the airport. There can be a lot of hanging around and waiting. You might want to try and keep your children awake in hope that they’ll nap on the plane, so try and give them things to do. Again, try and make it an adventure for them. Play games like eye spy, or make a scavenger hunt check list of things they need to spot.

Plan carefully and there’s no reason you can’t have a great trip and start your holiday on a high. Take a well-deserved break from work, study or your online computer science masters, and return feeling refreshed after a great break with your family.